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 So I wanted to try this “Adoptables” thing, because, tumblr, now I just need to become an otherkin. But first, lvl up my Kyojin.

Kakyoin just made a stand-using baby eat it’s own shit, still think Jojo isn’t hardcore?

Black people in the US today are more racist than whites and you're are an example of that lol. social experiment for white kids.. go in your cafeteria at school or the mall or some fucking place. try and be friendly say "hi my name is.." 9 times out of ten you WILL NOT be accepted. Prove me wrong asshole. Protip: you cant

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Oh word, great experiment, has it been accepted to the New England Journal Of Racist Fuckfaces?

PS. This asshole is a pre-eminent thinker, as far as racists go.

Fuck this guy.

Day 2 of baby’s first programming

>The teacher’s site had broken links so the previous two classes spent the entire hour downloading it.

>come me now, teacher goes “I don’t want you to get ahead of the other classes or it will really screw with my head” “free day” ” I dont want to see any halo, blood guts etc.”

>80% of websites filtered out by school. Tumblr Blocked ” leisure-lg, blogs-lg, pornography-lg “