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Dammit Bay! Michael Bay is so obsessed with clearing his name of racism he’s trying to pass of Black foot ninjas, even though the whole point of the foot clan is that it started in fucking fuedal Japan.

I’m so zany even Looney Tunes are annoyed by my antics, My personality begins and ends with I’m an annoying cartoon, ny only bonus is that I break the foruth wall in a way so painfully un-clever Michael Bay would cast me as a leading role! Who am I?

So I was reflecting on my Youtube history(I do every summer) and found this little hope-nugget, though portions aren’t fully supported his point is valid.

Not Femenism, EQUALITY. Stay neutral.

"Either you want me to cook or fix the house" I didn’t tell you to buy lightbulbs and paint, don’t lie and say I told you to do something.

"You have to be more manly, how come when I twist it it comes loose" Because I didn’t want to risk dropping 4 pounds of glass on my head, subsequently falling off a rickety chair and possible getting a concussion, or is it manly to kill yourself now?

I am deeply saddened by the fact my only two complaints in life are I’m poor and my family is annoying

Nigga, if you haven’t had an Ice cream sandwich with toasted waffles for buns you aint living! This shit will bring dead people back to life, this shit will create world peace, this shit make Jesus come back just to eat one, this shit make a vegan a carnivore, this shit make Kim Jong Un a Democrat, it’s the fucking Sloppy Joe of the dessert world.